Mother watches her baby and captures a “creepy presence” on the video monitor

A user of TikTok has unleashed terror on millions of netizens on the social network by sharing images of what was recorded by the monitor with which he watches his baby. The disturbing thing about this story is that the young woman noticed an alleged appearance of a little boy who was not her son. The video quickly went viral on the Internet and generated all kinds of reactions.

Goes by ‘Ash’ on TikTok, who can be found as and recently posted a video of some strange images that were captured by the monitor located in her baby’s room while she was not home.

As he is heard, the monitor recorded what would be an alleged apparition in the shape of a face in his son’s crib and made it clear that it would not be his baby.

In the audiovisual material it is possible to observe a face with human features, nose, mouth, eyes and even hair. Although the image is not the sharpest because it is in low resolution, it can be seen that there was someone in the crib.

watch the viral video

Given this, the young mother asked for some advice after being “frozen” after seeing the images that her baby’s monitor captured.

Some users claimed that it could be an error in the camera, while others indicated that it could be an entity and advised him to bless his house or call the police.

He It was shared on TikTok, where it has more than 4.1 million views, and quickly went viral on the Facebook and Twitter platforms, respectively.

What do children see that we don’t?

Children perceive stimuli that adults do not see: aspects, nuances and singularities that, due to our haste or selective attention, we do not see.

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