Mother of Dado Dolabella praises Wanessa Camargo after the couple’s return: ‘My doll’

What Wanessa Camargo and Dado Dolabella are together again no one doubts anymore, after all the two have already been caught in an atmosphere of intimacy at a meditation festival. Now, the artist’s mother, Pepita Rodriguez, gave her opinion on the singerwith whom Dado has had a troubled relationship in the past.

“How wonderful, my beautiful doll!!! Bravo”, wrote Pepita, affectionately, in a video of Wanessa singing in the profile of a fan club of Zezé Di Camargo’s daughter. In another profile maintained by fans of Wanessa, Pepita also praised her daughter-in-law: “Your music, your charisma and your love ‘made’ and ‘will always make’ you a star”.

Wanessa’s mother is against relationship with Dado Dolabella

If for Pepita Rodriguez the reconciliation of Dado and Wanessa is a reason for joy, for Zilu Godoi, the singer’s mother, the same cannot be said. According to columnist Lucas Pasin, from UOL, Zilu closely followed her daughter’s suffering 20 years ago, when fights with Dado were frequent during their relationship. For this reason, she does not welcome the couple’s return.

Upon learning about the separation of Wanessa and Marcus Buaiz, ​​after 17 years together, Zilu lamented: “A divorce is always sad… Especially when we have children involved! I faced an extremely painful divorce that was very publicly exposed! ‘happy’ with a divorce! But time always puts everything in its place! Only those who go through a divorce know what I’m talking about! And my wish is to see everyone happy”.

Zezé Di Camargo, Wanessa’s father, has been giving full support to the artist’s decisions. “It’s a way of repaying her attitude towards her story with Graciele [Lacerda]. Wanessa was the first of her children to accept her as a family,” said a source heard by the newspaper “Extra”.

Dado Dolabella and Wanessa have help from a ‘cosmic fairy’ when they resume dating

A shamanic spiritual leader has been working alongside Dado Dolabella and Wanessa Camargo to guide the couple’s new phase. The two seek to remove any negative charge that may have made the relationship not work out in the past. For this reason, they spent the last week at Chapada dos Veadeiros, in Goiás, accompanied by friends of the singer and the couple’s mentor, the “cosmic fairy” Eileen Sol.

The work performed by the shamanic leader is known as “soul healing” and works through mantras chanted by the “fairy”. From the chants, Wanessa and Dado connect and eliminate energies that can hinder the relationship.

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