Mother of 3? Biah Rodrigues introduces a new resident of the house and son decides on a name. Video!

The influencer did not make it clear, however, whether she and Sorocaba adopted or compared the animal. The only thing Biah said about the matter was that she thought the name “Armadillo” was exotic, but found it still full of character, since it was her son who chose it.

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Biah Rodrigues reports difficulty in reconciling care with her two children after the birth of her youngest daughter

Although she didn’t explain the origin of the animal, Biah clarified that she has loved to see Theo playing with the animal, especially since it is possible to see that the dog is still a puppy. But, when changing the subject, the model explained that it has been quite difficult to reconcile the routine with the boy and the youngest daughter, little Fernanda, who has already appeared on social networks, even with a few days of life.

The main problem, according to Sorocaba’s wife, is managing to split between Theo and Fernanda. The youngest daughter’s breastfeeding is on demand, which leads Biah to spend sleepless nights. She even admitted that she wished her day had been longer than 24 hours.

Biah starts wearing a surgical mask to breastfeed after Theo becomes ill

To top it off, Biah recently clarified that the surgical mask she has been wearing to breastfeed her daughter has nothing to do with Covid. The decision to use it came from the moment the model realized that Theo had signs of flu. So, afraid of catching the disease and passing on to the newborn, he started to wear the mask.

Biah added, saying that the eldest son’s flu doesn’t seem serious, since the boy is playing freely in the garden with Armadillo. The mask would only be to avoid unforeseen events and increase care. Theo and Fernanda, by the way, although they have already met, they didn’t appear together anymore.

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