Most popular idols of November 2021 according to their brand reputation

Month after month the positive mentions, branding and other aspects of idols within K-Pop are quantified and this is how we know their popularity top, these are the most popular Korean artists in the month of November.

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At K-Pop We find many talented artists, although their abilities are not only limited to the song and there are those who also dabble in acting, conducting and modeling, for example; according to the popularity of each idol is how they get more contracts even outside the music industry.

Support from all fans It is crucial for idols to have a good reputation and to be sought by companies to collaborate, whenever the various fandoms show their great support for their idol groups favorites, give greater opportunities to the artists that comprise them.

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Each month various aspects of each celebrity in K-Pop are quantified and the famous celebrity is created. brand reputation ranking that allows us to see how famous is an idol, maybe they are the ones who have the most fans, but we know very well that in this industry the love of admirers never missing for any of your artists.

Who are idols More popular from November 2021? The ranking reputation so that we know who belongs to the top of this month.

Top 10 most popular idols of November 2021

1. Jimin de BTS

One more time, Jimin from BTS He is placed in the first position, he is a much loved and admired idol in the industry and there is no doubt that his great effort is worth seeing this great result, he continues to be # 1 thanks to all the support of ARMY.

Jimin de BTS | Twitter: @ BTSupdate_7

2. V de BTS

Bangtan Sonyeondan always ranks on top and second we find Taehyung, another member of the group who is very adored and ARMY never stops showing all their love and support to V, this is why it has a great reputation and popularity.

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V de BTS | Twitter: @BTSupdate_7

3. Rowoon the SF9

Coming Soon, SF9 will have his comeback and teasers of rowoon They have stolen all the attention, but also, the idol is acting in the drama ‘The King’s Affection’, falling in love with millions of fans who have placed him in this place within the ranking.

Rowoon de SF9 | Twitter: @kdramasfangirl

4. Cha Eun Woo from ASTRO

The idol and actor, Cha Eun Woo He does not stop appearing everywhere and his fans do not stop supporting him in each project, ASTRO He has all his talents, although now he is studying and I try to go unnoticed but everyone recognized him.

Cha Eun Woo de ASTRO | Twitter: @christyroha

5. Jin de BTS

The Bangtan Boys they continue to be placed at the top and this time we have JinA well-loved idol who always has the full support of ARMY, the Worldwide Handsome never fails to be sought out and mentioned everywhere, which gives him a good reputation.

Jin de BTS | Twitter: @BTSupdate_7

6. Lee June 2PM

2PM is a legendary group in which we find Lee June, who is working as an actor in the drama ‘The Red Sleeve’ is because of his great talent in front of the cameras that his popularity was on the rise in this month of November.

Lee June 2PM | Twitter: @semstudies

7. Jungkook de BTS

Jungkook is the Golden Maknae of Bangtan who has proven to be one of the most popular idols, we always find him in the top thanks to the great love that ARMY does not stop sending him and thus he is placed in the # 6 position of this popularity ranking.

Jungkook de BTS | Twitter: @ BTSupdate_7

8. Byungchan de VICTON

Byungchan from VICTON He is also appearing in the drama ‘The King’s Affection’, this is why he has caused a stir among his fans and new admirers that he is gaining with his work in acting, all of them show their support and make him more popular.

Byungchan by Victon | Twitter: @byungfilm

9. Song Mino de WINNER

Song Mino has had solo work and not only his colleagues WINNER support him, also his fandom and new followers that has been made by his foray into underground rap from South Korea, there are many who admire him and show him their love.

Song Mino de WINNER | Twitter: @konidasu

10. G-Dragon de BIGBANG

G-Dragon He is a true K-Pop legend and as a solo artist he has also forged a great career after BIGBANG, in addition to venturing into the world of business and fashion; This month he has stolen all the attention thanks to his collaboration with the Nike brand.

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon in collaboration with Nike | Twitter: @ _Jiyong88_

This was the ranking of brand reputation November 2021, there is no doubt that all the idols in the top have worked hard so that their great effort is recognized, congratulations to all!

Did the ranking change a lot in a month? Here you can see the October 2021 and compare the results, new idols entered and others left the top: 0.

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