most affordable 5g iphone: this is the world’s cheapest 5g iphone, the price is so low that everyone will buy it; Getting a bumper discount – this is the worlds cheapest 5g iphone the price is so low that everyone will buy it getting a bumper discount

Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone 13 series of smartphones. Multiple reports suggest that the iPhone 13 series smartphone may cost a bit more than the iPhone 12 series due to the lack of a global chipset and a few more parameters.

Currently getting big discount
If you are planning to buy a 5G iPhone with the least cost, then the iPhone 12 mini can be the best option. Apple iPhone 12 Mini is currently available on Flipkart for Rs 59,999. If you have a Flipkart Axis Bank credit card, you can avail an additional 5 percent cashback, which further brings down the price of the iPhone 12 Mini.

iPhone 12 mini was launched in India for Rs 69,990. Which has now become cheaper by more than Rs 10,000. Which makes it a great deal to consider. The iPhone 12 Mini with 128GB internal storage is available for Rs 64,999. While the 256GB model is available for Rs 74,999.

Is the iPhone 12 Mini even worth buying?
The iPhone 12 Mini is nothing but the iPhone 12 with a smaller form factor. Hence, it has a slightly smaller battery and a smaller display. The price difference between the prices of the two models is around Rs 7,000. So, if you are planning to buy the most affordable 5G iPhone, the iPhone 12 Mini is the device to consider.

With the iPhone 13 series launching around the corner, Apple is expected to take an official price cut on the iPhone 12 mini. This should bring down the price of the iPhone 12 mini further. So, it also makes sense to wait for a week, where, it can help you save a little more money.

Although the iPhone 12 Mini is almost a year old, it still has everything one can expect from a premium flagship smartphone. From IP68 to wireless charging to 5G support, the iPhone 12 Mini has everything. The iPhone 12 Mini also features an AMOLED display with HDR support and the camera can also shoot native 4K videos at 60fps.

Apple is known to deliver at least four major software updates, the iPhone 12 mini will receive major iOS updates for at least the next four years. This makes the iPhone 12 mini a good pick. However, if you’re into content consumption, the iPhone 12 mini might not be the right device, as it has a slightly smaller display.

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