Moscow cuts the light on Finland. NATO Summit

Kiev, May 14, 2022 – War in Ukraine, on the day 80 the mystery about the health of the Russian president remains Putin, for the chief of the 007 of Kiev gravely cancer patient. While the first diplomatic contact between the US and Russia is registered – and today one is scheduled in Berlin NATO meeting of foreign ministers – from the battlefield Moscow troops would be about to give up Kharkiv, to focus the attack on Donbass.

Moscow cuts the light on Finland

While the Finland is preparing to announce his candidacy for membership BornMoscow from today cuts the flow of electricity towards Helsinki. But he replies: we can do without it. At the base there would be no payments. After the denial of the interruption of gas supplies by Russia two days ago therefore opens up a new front. The communication comes directly from the Russian utility Inter Rao, which complains of non-payments since last May 6. According to Fingrid, the Finnish grid company, “there is no threat to the adequacy of electricity in Finland”. That coming from Russia represents in fact about 10% of the total consumption of Finland. According to Fingrid, “missing imports can be replaced on the market by importing more electricity from Sweden and partly also through increased domestic production.”

War in Ukraine, day 80 of the conflict
War in Ukraine, day 80 of the conflict


In his latest video speech, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned that the war and the Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports may “provoke a food crisis on a large scale. “” The Russians are openly threatening the world that there will be famine in dozens of countries – says Zelensky -. And what could be the consequences of such a famine? What political instability and migratory flows will this lead to? How much will then have to be spent to overcome the consequences? These are the questions to be answered by those who are delaying sanctions on Russia or trying to postpone aid to Ukraine. “

Embassies reopened

International diplomacy returns to Ukraine. “Already 37 foreign embassies they resumed their work in Kiev. And I am grateful to all of them, because this is proof that Ukraine is strong and has prospects, unlike the Russian Federation. I am confident that other embassies will soon return to the capital, ”said Ukrainian President Zelensky. At the same time, he stressed the need to return to work for all Ukrainian companies that have not yet resumed their activities, although they can do so in a safe area. “Providing jobs and adapting economic activity to existing conditions is also great defense work, for our future,” Zelensky said.

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