Morvillo denounces an aberrant reality: what is indignant is that Cuffaro has a new following

A Cuffaro has never lacked the promptness of spirit but Morvillo’s words denounce an aberrant reality. Alfredo MorvilloFrancesca’s brother and Giovanni Falcone’s brother-in-law, speaking at the presentation of the book dedicated to his sister and written by Felice Cavallaro, said: “Thirty years after the massacres, Sicily is in the hands of those convicted of mafia”.

Report the chronicle of The fact that Morvillo did not mention names, but that everyone thought of Cuffaro and Dell’Utri, once again central to Sicilian and in particular Palermo politics. It is likely that Cuffaro himself had the same thought, since he felt the need to answer him and did so on his own, mixing respect with splashes of generosity and constitutionalism. In fact, in his reply we read: “Despite his authoritative consideration, which I respect but which I do not share with education, I believe – said the former governor – to have the constitutionally recognized right and perhaps also the duty to live my life as a free and to cultivate my political and social commitment after having paid for my mistakes with great suffering “. Masterful.

It is indeed unexceptionable, but this is not the point. What is indignant about the situation to which Alfredo Morvillo referred is not so much Cuffaro’s political activism, do whatever he wants. What is indignant is the following that Cuffaro seems to have again. As Morvillo says: “There are those who currently wink at people convicted of mafia. There is a Palermo that goes after them, contends for them and supports them “. And it is this newfound prestige that hurts and worries.

Because if in our country the mafias have had the role they have had (and that they still have in part) it has also been for social legitimacy they enjoyed. A legitimacy that drew from two reservoirs, that of the malicious underestimation of the mafia danger and that of amoral clientelism, allergic to the principle of legality and intolerant of democracy. A social legitimacy that has not only justified the complacency towards mafia members and associates, but which has also contributed to painful isolation of those who, on the other hand, have never underestimated the mafia. And it is this aspect, I believe, that makes what is happening unbearable in Morvillo’s eyes: to have a vivid and indelible memory of the isolation suffered by those who fought the mafias without hesitation.

What country is the one in which you queue up to a Cuffaro while keeping at a distance, yesterday as today, who is exposed daily basis? The recent complaint of the journalist Marilena Natale comes to mind, for years under escort for her work of analysis and denunciation of the Camorra, who was denied the possibility of renting a house because the escort could have disturbed the other condominiums. I read this bitterness in the words of Morvillo who says: “Faced with these facts, a bad thought comes to mind: certain deaths they were useless. Unheard-of things have happened here. But the lust of power pushes some to make alliances with anyone ”.

There is a phrase whose origin is lost in the mists of time which reads: “Bees don’t waste time explaining to flies why honey is better than poop”. It is a sentence that if it explains something certainly does not console, since then the flies vote as much as the bees. I hope then that it will be of some comfort to Alfredo Morvillo to know that many in Italy do not have no intention to stop explaining the difference between honey and poop, between the scent that has freedom and the stench of compromise. Convinced that humans, unlike beasts, can always choose whether to be flies or bees.

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