Morlanwelz rail disaster: SNCB and Infrabel in court this Thursday

The facts date back to November 27, 2017. That Monday morning, a first accident occurred on the rails at Morlanwelz. A train is, in fact, immobilized on a level crossing following a collision with a car. Partially damaged by a fire, this train was then towed in the early evening to clear the track.

It was during this towing that the convoy split in two. Three wagons detach and descend the slope for 4 kilometers, all lights extinguished, towards Morlanwelz where workers are busy repairing the rails at the site of the first accident. Two workers are fatally injured. They are Serge Copienne, 59 years old from Merbes-Sainte-Marie and David Lhose, a 42-year-old Montois, father of three children.

► The important thing for the civil parties is to establish responsibilities: the details here

► The disaster was the subject of four parallel investigations

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