Morgan Freeman’s accident that left his left hand injured forever

One of the Hollywood actors most famous in the world is Morgan Freeman. The 85-year-old actor has earned the affection of thousands of fans for the characters he has played in multiple films, so it is normal for these followers to show interest in what is happening in his personal life and even more so if there is a problem. of health.

Freeman, in recent years, has been seen wearing a glove only on his left hand, drawing the attention of many, especially after learning that he does not wear it for fashion or to look different, but rather for a theme doctor who remained as a consequence of an accident that could have cost him his life.


In 2008, when Freeman was driving his car in Mississippi, he suffered a terrible accident, in which he could have died, but luckily, this did not happen and he had to be rushed to the nearest hospital in order to restore his health. the best possible way and thus avoid any sequel.

Morgan Freeman turned 85 years old this Wednesday, June 1 (Photo: Getty Images)

However, his left arm ended up with many wounds and injuries. Even the nerve of that limb was affected, causing that part of his body to be seriously adversely affected.

Morgan Freeman he can’t move that hand, causing him a big problem, considering that if there’s no mobility in that part, it swells. Coincidentally, this is why he wears a compression glove, which allows his blood to flow.

Such an accessory in the actor’s hand has been seen in various events in which he has participated for several years, making it part of his new appearance.


Due to that accident suffered 14 years ago, the American actor had a bad left arm and, in addition to the immobility of his hand, he had a disease called fibromyalgia.

This disease causes severe pain in his muscles and affects the actor in his activities, so he is obliged to undergo treatment.

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