Morgan against Max Casacci of Subsonica whom he defines as “embalmed peacock”: “I wanted to collaborate, he said no”. The reply: “Stronzat *, you wanted Sanremo” (“bamboccio”)

In the summer, fires are not the only thing to ignite because of the high temperatures. It also happens on social media that someone takes a shot in the sun and triggers an endless controversy, setting off a real fire of replies and rejoinders. That’s what happened between Morganleader of the BluvertigoAnd Max Casacci among the founders of the Subsonic. The first on the pages of The Corriere della Sera denounced: “I thought ‘ca ** o, we have to do things together’, I wrote to Max Casacci and I stayed coldly annoyed by his no“. Casacci replied immediately, explaining: “Last year, following a photo taken in the dressing rooms, during the event, a tribute to Franco Battiato Travel invitationwhich he portrayed Subsonica and Bluvertigo together, a certain hype arose on the social channels of radio and magazines. After that Morgan suggested taking the opportunity, to adapt one of his songs in the drawer and to present ourselves together in Sanremo “. The proposal is one that makes the veins and wrists tremble. Casacci then added some details on how, it seems, things really went: “Now, I would like to frame the context for a moment: Subsonica in Sanremo is not something we take so lightly, but also the image ‘Morgan in Sanremo’ brings with it a challenging past. I take this opportunity to say hello to the great Bugo. I ask a question, by show of hands: who would have wanted to participate in Sanremo with Morgan, in the part of Bugo? Let’s see a little … strange, I don’t see any raised hands. Apart from this the Subsonica at that time were busy with other, more or less individual matters. I sang wolves bees and whales of Earthphoniafor instance. In a band there is always a spokesperson for uncomfortable positions and I had to formalize the denial. The only true no pronounced to date ”. And the Subsonica guitarist has always illustrated how the proposal to Morgan came to mind: “Bluvertigo and Subsonica go up together on the stage of the Rugby Sound Festival of Legnano. Beautiful evening, intense hugs. The next day the cell phone is filled again with explosive messages that resume the threads of the speech of a year earlier. ‘Why do you insist on not taking into consideration… etc‘. The answer will be that Subsonica are in the process of comparing them for an upcoming album and that we will take seriously the proposal to write a song with Bluvertigo. Calmly. Given these statements about the perfidious Casacci, I understand that the real goal is the chance to return to the good graces of Sanremo after the patatrac, using the bands as camel troops. With all due respect to Art and Genius. Given the brotherly affection I feel for Marco and the immutable esteem, I ‘almost’ hope to make a mistake ”. Morgan was not satisfied and wrote verses against Max Casacci on social media: “Talking nonsense / Max Casacci offending and telling lies / Max Casacci ruining the party / Max Casacci who hates music / Max Casacci pathological narcissist producer / Max Casacci questionable guitarist / Max Casacci fratricidal and disloyal / Max Casacci presumptuous and opportunist fake communist actually fascist / Max Casacci one of the few true misanthropes left / Max Casacci unkind person / Max Casacci inanimate man / Max Casacci embalmed peacock / Max Casacci inevitable hope of avoiding him / Max casacci bolt in the ass / Max Casacci Ptolemaic scheme outdated / Max Casacci megalomaniac disguised as an unmasked megalomaniac / Max Casacci big face par excellence / Max Casacci renounces joy / Max Casacci enemy of happy individuals / Max Casacci envy in the false and ungrateful gaze / Max Casacci madonnaro infinite / But Max Casacci who?“. Not happy with this, the singer-songwriter also published a private message from Casacci with very harsh tones: “Listen, try to give yourself a regulation and do not write lies and other bullshit, including offensesand, stay calm and think if you are capable of a minimum conscience union, that if I publish the screenshots of our conversation you make us a mega figure of shit that half would be enough to shame anyone. You are a truly arrogant and gratuitously sprezzant personand, ungenerous, you only know what to do the commander like a spoiled baby who still at the age of sixty is submitting others to feel like someone. You’re rotten wrong this time you just acted from real shit, as no one should allow himself to do, least of all an artist. But you showed flank tu not only are you not an artist you make water humanly because you think who knows who, your business, but stay in yours and see not to shoot bullshit and respect people, sooner or later learn to be a gentleman, which you just don’t know how to do. I hope the message is clear why next time you take it out of the jar I’ll throw it back in your face and make you eat it“. Will the quarrel between the two artists end here? Will someone come to throw water on the fire of this very hard controversy, with social tints?

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