Morena News: It is difficult to understand the feelings inside someone’s mind: Gyeya Sagar

Morena (Rep. of New Zealand). It is difficult to understand what thoughts, what feelings are going on in the mind of a living being, perhaps because the deceitful man is embellished with the simile of Heron Bhagat. No matter how much and no matter how much you do crooked religious practice, but it cannot be capable of eradicating your karma, but makes the actions even more complicated. This facilitator Jain Muni Gyeya Sagar expressed this on Sunday in the ongoing Dharmasabha at Shri Parasnath Digambar Jain Panchayati Bada Mandir of Morena.

Jain sage Gyeya Sagar said, ‘Don’t cheat, don’t live in thieves’. Simple natured hoy, take home multi wealth, bright color poor speed, one leg face meditation. Describing the cost Bhakt Sam, the Khan of Nichal Kapat, said that Lakshman after listening to this couplet asked Lord Rama – Brother, why are you saying this. Ram said – Lakshman, you do not know, you are very naive. This bird is of white complexion, standing on one leg with the head down and is seen in the form of meditation, but only its action is visible like a devotee, the reality is not like this. This bird is a treasure of deceit, if you stand here for a while, the secret of its concentration, its austerity will be revealed and reality will be judged. Shortly after Lord Rama said this, as soon as the fish passed by the heron, he quickly pressed it in its beak. Then Lakshmanji was surprised and said, This is a terrible elusive. So bright, this heron in white and so black inside. Oh that’s not okay. Where is the mind, muddy tan, or the sack of a heron. The crow is good, the one inside and outside. Rajesh Jain, Pankaj Jain got the opportunity to sit on the Pandukshila and consecrate with the first urn in the religious meeting held on Sunday, while Pawan Kumar got the opportunity to perform Shanti Dhara.

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