More than sports buddies? Leander Sacher and Maxime hang out

What’s up? Leander Sacher (25) and Maxime Herbord (28) both come from the rose cosmos: Aachener once won the heart of Melissa Damilia (27) on The Bachelorette, but they separated after a few months. Maxime once played the role of the rose distributor and has been single again for a few weeks. Now the two spend time together suspiciously often: Are Maxime and Leander just friends?

In the past few weeks, the two have repeatedly dived into each other Instagram-Stories on. They often went to the gym together. They always diligently provided each other’s posts with likes. Now they seemed to be spending the evening together again: Both Leander and Maxime had linked a meal from the same restaurant and then showed that they had been to the Aachen Christmas market.

The two could also just be good friends. After all, they have often made trips with other friends in the past, such as Niko Griesert (32).

Instagram / leander_sacher

Leander Sacher’s story
Maxime Herbord’s story
Maxime Herbord (left), Niko Griesert (back) and Leander Sacher (right)

Do you think something is going on between the two?

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