More than six out of 10 Walloons believe that property prices never fall

This conviction is slightly more rooted in the South (64%) than in the North of the country (55%). Only a fifth of respondents (20%) think that property prices can fall, the others having no real conviction in this regard.

The adage that the Belgian “has a brick in his stomach” seems to be confirmed by the ING barometer according to which 82% of investors declare that owning their own house is important. Although 32% of respondents agree with the statement that renting offers more flexibility than buying, 62% of respondents believe that buying a home is better than renting it. Only 5% disagree.

Moreover, after a sharp drop in March, the ING investor barometer regained ground in April. It stands at 88 points and is close to February’s level but remains well below the neutral level of 100 points.

The economic climate is significantly better among French-speaking investors than among Dutch-speaking investors: 30% of French-speaking investors see light at the end of the tunnel, compared to only 22% of Dutch-speaking investors. “This is not necessarily a positive indicator because since the launch of the Investor Barometer in 2004, we have observed that French speakers were generally less positive about the economic situation than Dutch speakers. It is only in times of recession or major shocks on the financial markets that Dutch-speakers have been more pessimistic”, underlines Peter Vanden Houte, chief economist of ING Belgium.

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