“More than an hour without airco”, “Kill me”…: a Thalys again stopped in the north of France, 300 travelers forced to wait

Three hundred travelers are forced to wait for the arrival of another train from Paris, which should arrive around 7:30 p.m.

The doors of the stationary train are open and the travelers have received water, assures the spokesman.

The black series continues for Thalys. Earlier in the week, 200 passengers had to spend the night on a train stuck in Paris-Nord after breaking down due to the heat. An air conditioning problem had also caused the temperature on board to rise sharply.

On Twitter, many passengers complained about having to wait in the heat: “More than an hour without airco”, “Kill me now”, “Guess who is still sitting in a Thalys at a stop? “, can we read in particular on the social network.

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