More than 200 killed and 52,000 civilians fleeing in the last six weeks in the Democratic Republic of Congo

“At least 52,000 people have fled their homes in this province which already hosts 1.5 million displaced people. Among them, 35,000 people have found relative safety at the Rhoe site, where emergency shelters, communal latrines and collective kitchen spaces are now insufficient to accommodate a population of 70,000 people, nearly double the planned capacity,” commented UNHCR spokesperson Eujin Byun.

“Attacks are also taking place in the neighboring province of North Kivu, where an upsurge in clashes has taken place since March 2022 and where 521,000 people have fled for their lives in the face of aerial bombardment and forced recruitment by armed groups. Some 120,000 people have reached the outskirts of Goma, where they enjoy relative safety, carrying their personal belongings on their heads and their children on their backs. A total of 2.1 million people are uprooted in this conflict-torn province,” she adds.

In order to support the population, UNHCR still needs $233 million to assist internally displaced persons and refugees in the DRC. According to his calculations, more than 5.6 million people are deported to the DRC, which constitutes the largest displaced population on the African continent and one of the largest in the world.

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