More than 16,000 coronavirus contaminations per day: “We are on alert 5, which corresponds to confinement”, alerts Christie Morreale

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This Thursday morning, the Walloon Minister of Health Christie Morreale expressed her concern about the current health situation, at the microphone of our colleagues from La Libre.

Christie Morreale, confirms it, it will perhaps be necessary to bring forward the next Consultative Committee: “It will perhaps be necessary to anticipate it but it will especially be necessary to see if the measures which have been taken work and are applied at 100% on our territory. . We continue to see a lot of people on the roads. I do not have the feeling that compulsory teleworking is respected ”, she confided before adding:“ We must respect the rules otherwise we will have to end up with measures which are much more difficult ”.

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The minister explained that here, “we are on alert 5, which corresponds to confinement”. “We are trying to stay the course without closing the sectors, but we see that the situation is very critical, not only in hospitals but also with tracing, testing and postponement of hospitalizations”, explains Christie Morreale.

According to the minister, it is essential to respect barrier gestures: “We were the kings of vaccination, especially in the north of the country. But the barrier gestures fell into it for a long time. Scientists had said that you had to stay on your guard, even if you are vaccinated, ”she warns!

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