More Rial highlighted the best of single Jorge Rial: his testimony

More Rial It is a figure that generates a lot of commotion than each statement it provides. Justly Jorge Rial’s family is having a more than particular moment, since the driver was seen in Europe with Josefina Pousoa few months after separating from Romina Pereiro. True to her style, the influencer gave her vision of the subject.

During an interview with “in the afternoon”the girlfriend of The Maxi was consulted about the present of his fatherespecially because of the separation he faced from his wife. “It’s separate and he can see whoever he wants, I already said it. You can have friends like the ex, friends”clearly detailed the future mother of her second child.

Specifically in the case of Josephine Pouso, More Rial sumo: “They are both free, that is, what is the problem? It is not the specific case of Josefina Pousobut you can see it with whoever you want”. It should be remembered that the presenter completely ruled out having a relationship when he returned from Europe, so he would have distanced himself from the journalist.

My single dad is calmer. Yes, yes, better. But hey, obviously whatever makes him happy.” concluded the girlfriend of The Maxi. More Rial She continues in the sweet wait and is expected to reveal the sex of the baby she has in her womb, although together with her partner they keep the mystery.

More Rial spoke about his father.

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