More Rial, complicated after an audio of her supposed pool boy: "laughs in your face"

More Rial seems not to have calm in the last hours. After spending weeks separated from The Maxi, the appearance of several alleged former domestic workers seems to leave her in a complicated place. According to what these women reported, the influencer would not have paid them after finishing the work they agreed.

As if that were not enough, in the broadcast of “THE M” on Friday they showed a new audio of a person who claims to have been in the house of the daughter of Jorge Rial working. Is about Lautaroa young man who works as a pool boy and was in charge of the More Rial pool for three months.

As reported by other former employees, did not receive the payment and was blocked after claiming on different occasions for the money. She never showed her face. We finished maintaining the pool and he never wanted to pay. We don’t know what to do because he laughs in your face because one is a laborer”told the pool man in “LAM”.

Controversy around More Rial.

In addition, they revealed that said worker tried to communicate directly with Jorge Rialalthough no luck. For now, More Rial remains calm and had strong words for the alleged first employee who was encouraged to take his case to the media.

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