More Rial broke the silence on the romance rumors: "a little angry"

the emotional situation of More Rial It usually appears as a mystery, especially due to the hints that the influencer publishes on her social networks. After separating from the maxidifferent rumors were around her although none confirmed by Jorge Rial’s daughter. In the last hours, she broke the silence on the version that she indicated that she was in a relationship with someone close to your ex.

During a short chat with Juan Etchegoyen for “Miter Live”, More Rial He explained that he does not want to talk about his personal life, especially because of the events he suffered. In addition to being accused by some alleged domestic employees for non-payment, this time she appeared as a victim in recent days. According to what they explained from Córdoba, was scammed by a millionaire figure in a purchase of 2022 Qatar World Cup figurines.

More Rial denied being in a relationship.

“I spoke with Morena Rial who was linked to a soccer player in recent days, she would tell them that she’s a little angry about the romance rumors that have been created about herobviously he denied me this romance with Gonzalo “the driver commented first. Furthermore, he added: ‘I have nothing to talk about, there was absolutely nothing’ He told me, he categorically denied this”.

The daughter of Jorge Rial appeared related to the young man who was related to his ex-partner. All this happened as a result of a series of posts that the influencer made with the young man, where they looked very sweet. “He did not want to give any details and asked me to clarify that he is single, it strongly strikes me that they have continued with El Maxi again”completed Etchegoyen.


More Rial is still single.

In recent days, there are different speculations about More Rial as would be ready to create an account in OnlyFans. The site allows different celebrities to show themselves scantily clad, something that social networks can censor. In any case, he still has not confirmed his foray into the sale of erotic content, despite have uploaded some risqué photos.

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