More Rial asked for the effective prison for youtuber Matías Bottero: "The prosecutor requested 20 days"

In September, Matías Bottero decided to record his show “Weekly garbage” and from there the problems began. In his video he made disgusting jokes about More Rial’s body. Before his sayings, the influencer decided to take legal action against him.

The person who took part in the case was Alejandro Cipolla who is the legal representative of the daughter of Jorge Rial. As the event happened a few months ago, justice moved forward and for this reason her lawyer gave an interview to “Mitre Live” with Juan Etchegoyen.

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The attorney for More Rial He claimed that the prosecutor gave the aggressor 20 days in prison. “It is news that transcends the media and is a before and after in the history of YouTube. As there is an act of gender violence, you have to comply with it. He has to go to prison for twenty days ”, Cipolla expressed.

He continued with the story and said: “This is exemplary for all these characters that no other definition has. They told Morena that they were going to kidnap her son. They will surely harass her again. ”

More Rial with his son Francesco.

“There had not been a kind of penalty of this magnitude for an act of discrimination. Morena is happy because justice was served “, concluded the lawyer. At the moment, the victim of the case did not come out to speak about it.

Watch the video where More Rial’s lawyer confirms that Matías Bottero will have to serve 20 days in prison!

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