More beautiful life: Will an explosion soon destroy the entire Mistral district? (SPOILERS)

It’s fast approaching! The next premium event of Plus belle la vie will be broadcast on Tuesday, November 30 at 9:05 p.m. on France 3 and things are shaping up to be very eventful for the Mistralians. Indeed, the city of Marseille will be plunged into darkness after a “Black Out”, i.e. a general power cut… Many events will then occur, be they happy or sad, even dangerous. During this bonus, we should also attend the birth of the child of Léa and Jean-Paul, or an unexpected deception.

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Photo of the “Black Out” bonus – Credit (s): @ Jean-Louis PARIS – FTV – TELFRANCE

If everything should more or less return to order for the inhabitants of the Mistral in the episodes following the broadcast of the More beautiful life, a new disaster could well shake the neighborhood! While Luna, who had lost faith in her future and who had even considered committing suicide several times, will succeed in helping several mistralians during the power cut, she will experience a problem in her hotel. As revealed Star News, Sacha will smell a strong smell of gas within the Celestial!

After the gymnasium collapsed two years ago, will Luna’s hotel then explode in More beautiful life ? If the premises will be evacuated in time, a tragedy could indeed occur … In the short summary of the episode of Monday, December 13, we can read: “The tragedy of the Celestial upsets Luna and Mirta” before learning that the hotel will be put on sale in the following days … Is this the end of a mythical place? Hope there are no injuries! Also, an emblematic couple from Plus belle la vie will be shattered.

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