More beautiful life: Léa and Jean-Paul soon parents, a drama will affect their baby (SPOILERS)

A few days ago, we revealed to you that one of the favorite characters of the viewers of Plus belle la vie was going to attempt to commit suicide! The next few weeks are shaping up to be very eventful in the Mistral district, especially with the bonus event “Black Out” which will be broadcast on Tuesday, November 30 at 9:05 p.m. on France 3. The city of Marseille will suddenly be plunged into darkness because of a giant blackout which should also last several days … And Léa, who will accompany Bilal, Noé and Betty for community service, will give birth to her daughter in rather complicated conditions.

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Léa and Jean-Paul in Plus belle la vie – Credit (s): france 3

In the bonus event of More beautiful life, we should see the young woman give birth to her first child, a little girl named Aurore. If everything will ultimately go smoothly, despite the extreme conditions in Marseille, the child of Jean-Paul and Léa will unfortunately be struck by a tragedy in the following episodes … As revealed Star News, the baby’s health will suddenly deteriorate. The couple will then seek help from Romain Vidal, who will diagnose their child with a brain problem.

However, the Mistral district will still be deprived of electricity and it will be necessary to connect the MRI of the hospital to a back-up generator, which will not be an easy task … Let’s hope that Romain Vidal gets there in time to save the life of Jean-Paul and Léa’s daughter! But we will have to wait until the broadcast of the bonus event to discover all this with our own eyes. In the meantime, know that a former legendary actor of Plus belle la vie will join the cast of Here it all begins.

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