‘Morbius’ is also DELAYED in Brazil; Know when it debuts!

After several postponements, the debut of ‘Morbius‘ was scheduled for the end of January, but the Sony Pictures ended up delaying the launch yet again.

And just like in the US, the studio also postponed the movie here. Sony Pictures’ advisors revealed to CinePOP that the film now opens in theaters in Brazil one day March 31, 2022, the day before the North American premiere.

The adaptation starring Jared Leto set records for deferral as this is the sixth time it has changed its schedule.

Originally scheduled for July 10, 2020, the feature has already been pushed to July 31, 2020, March 19, 2021, October 8, 2021, January 21, 2022 and January 28, 2022

On social media, the public is sharing mixed reactions… While some are disappointed after raising so many expectations, others are joking about the situation.

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Recently, the network Cinemark confirmed that production will have 108 minutes (1 hour and 48 minutes) in length, making it Sony’s second shortest film, behind ‘Venom: Time of Carnage’ (1 hour e 37 minutes).

Furthermore, ‘Morbius’ will be rated 13+ for “intense sequences of violence, some frightening images and inappropriate language.”

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Daniel Espinosa (‘Life’) is responsible for the direction.

With a rare disease in his blood, and determined to save others who suffer his same fate, Dr. Morbius attempts a desperate gamble. Initially, the result appears to be a great success, but a few darkness consumes the doctor, who turns into a dangerous hunter.

The cast also has Tyrese Gibson, Jared Harris e Matt Smith.

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