Moravské naftové doly has increased energy prices: You will pay double

For example, a family of four living in a 3 + »apartment now pays a thousand crowns a month for electricity, from January they pay two thousand a month. They pay around 600 crowns a quarter for gas, they now pay 1,200 crowns. “The increase is so high because we have not changed energy prices this year, unlike other suppliers. Overall, the price increase for gas will be similar for ČEZ, for electricity as for Innogy, “ said Aha! MND Marketing Director Jan Sýkora. MND explains this step by stock market prices. “They increased by about 300 percent year-on-year for gas and by two hundred for electricity. The reason is the increase in the prices of emission allowances and the shutdown of some power plants in the European Union. “ added Jan Sýkora.

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Did you know that…

… twelve thousand a year are paid for by an ordinary household at MND?

Price developments are uncertain

According to Jan Sýkora, it is not clear whether energy prices will not rise yet. However, he believes that the situation with energy prices on the stock exchanges will calm down a bit. “But I think they will stay at higher levels than people used to pay until 2021,” he said.

The largest miner in the Czech Republic

MND is the largest oil and gas producer in the Czech Republic. At present, the company has 170,000 customers from the Czech Republic. The production plant in Lusatia was hit hard by a tornado in June, which caused the company hundreds of millions in damage.

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