Morat: the songs they could sing at their concert

Ana Canto

The Colombian band of pop music in Spanish Moratwill have their concert in Panama City this Thursday, November 24, and we are almost nothing away from chanting songs like Where we go, not leaving, Lost callamong many more successes.


Colombian pop music band Morat

Colombian pop music band morat

In his new musical tour called ‘Morat World Tour’which has toured Latin American countries and large European cities, it is likely that in our country we will enjoy a playlist very similar to the one shown in previous shows.

Here we share the possible songs with which this Thursday they will captivate their eager Panamanian fans:

On this tour, morat he has started his concerts with a resounding success, which also has the collaboration of the Colombian artist Juanes; we talk about kisses at warfrom their third album Lost bullets.

Morat, Juanes – Kisses In War

Another song that you surely know by heart is Damn Habit, from the disk mentioned above. One could also add learn to love you from the second album Love and its side effects. This project was one of his best and most acclaimed musical works.

From the new LP if yesterday were todayit is likely that fans will enjoy this new production that has collaborations with renowned artists such as Feid and again Juanes. 506 Y Paris They will be those songs that, although they have been available for a very short time, you already know them and are ready to sing them at the top of your lungs.

From 7:00 pm the doors will be open for attendees, according to Showpro Panama.

Morat appeared this weekend in Costa Rica, and Please don’t goa song that counts for the participation of the Spanish singer Beretwas on the hit list.

To end the show, the band has done it with How dare yousong from album 2 and that despite the years of this production, is still a boom.

Now that you know about this playlist, you are ready to fully enjoy the show that is finally about to begin.

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