"Morandini Live" at 10:35 am on CNews – Radio hearings: The results – Churches desecrated in France – Delinquency: Darmanin’s figures contested – Strike in schools: Le grand ras-le bol

Jean-Marc MORANDINI presents every day a decryption program on the news through their treatment in the media. Morandini Live starts off with extracts from the various TV newspapers and talk shows the day before which reflect the treatment of the news by the media.

After this “zapping” of the news, Jean-Marc Morandini chose to return to several societal, political, economic and media subjects with a debate in which elected officials, political representatives, communication specialists, writers, doctors and columnists confront each other. ..

Debates, engaged, passionate but always respectful so that ideas clash.

Each program ends with “the last 12 minutes”, a 12-minute tête-à-tête between Jean-Marc Morandini and a guest author of a book, politician, minister or anonymous who comes to tell a slice of life.

Morandini Live, another look at the info to get out of political correctness and preconceived ideas.

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