Morandi, Alessandro Benetton: “We should have immediately apologized. Mistakes have been made, now many don’t like my surname “

In September 2018 Gilberto Benetton, who passed away a few months later, said that the silence of the family after the collapse of the Morandi bridge in which 43 people died was “a sign of respect“. In December 2019 Luciano Benetton had claimed that the family was “injured part“Because” no member has ever managed Autostrade “. Now, three and a half years from the facts about which a trial is underway, Alessandro Benetton freshly appointed as president of the family holding company Edition – which in the meantime has signed the agreement with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti for the exit from the capital of Motorways for Italy – he admits with many distinctions: “We should have immediately asked excuse me“.

“The Morandi bridge it is a story that will weigh on my family forever and I will never stop renewing mine closeness to the families of the victims“, He writes replying on social networks to a user who asked for an apology. “We should have immediately apologized, regardless of the fact that Edizione only owned just over 30% of Atlantia in whose board – mostly composed of independent directors – only one Benetton sat. Me and my cousins, today, we want to represent that discontinuity which allows the group to return to reasoning and operating as it once did, but with a new North Star: that of sustainability, understood in the broad concept of the term, social and global “. “I know well that the surname Benetton in this period many do not like – continues the manager – Some have been made errors, some very serious and I’m not talking about the Morandi bridge, that’s one tragic consequence which will weigh forever, mistakes were made before: when you chose to give too many delegations to the wrong people. This is why we are here today to talk about my appointment as president, because today I saw an opportunity to discontinuity to reinterpret the industrial approach that has characterized us as a family over time “.

Edition, the manager remembers, is “a huge reality closely tied to the history of my family, which in the past has been able to innovate and be at the forefront in many fields”. Luciano’s son has been out of it so far, managing his private equity firm 21 Invest. Since 2012 he has chaired Benetton Group but in 2016 he also left the board of directors for differences with the family. On 13 January he was chosen as the president of Edizione, of which he remains the CEO Enrico Laghi, who ended up under house arrest last autumn for events related to the management of the former Ilva of which he was extraordinary commissioner. “Since I decided to accept this position, only one sentence continues to buzz in my head,” he writes. “It’s from the comic in which the Spider-man character first appears:” With great powers comes great responsibility. ” It expresses exactly how I feel now ”.

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