Moose Jattana On Eviction From Bigg Boss OTT: pad jayega

A week before the finale of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’, Moose Jattana evicted became evicted from the house, which came as a shock to her. Fans are also surprised by this. Moose Jattana also can’t believe his eviction. He has reacted on social media after being homeless.

Moose Jattana shared a picture of his eviction from ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ on his Instagram story and wrote, ‘Aye ki bakcha aa (Yeh what nonsense). I will keep my mouth shut and just take it as a joke. Otherwise we will have a court case.

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After this Moose shared a collage of his pictures with Pratik Sehajpal and Nishant Bhatt and together wrote, ‘We will not break this friendship. crooked but mine are.’

moose jattana eviction post1

Let us tell you that the theme of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ was Stay Connected and based on this theme, the contestants who came to the house chose their connections. Moose Jattana’s connection was with Nishant Bhatt. The pairing of Moose and Nishant as a connection was well received by the audience. The result of this was that whenever Moose and Nishant were nominated to be evicted from the house, public votes saved them. This time along with Moose, Neha Bhasin was the nominee, but Moose as well as the fans did not think that she would be homeless.

The finale of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ is on 18th September (Bigg Boss OTT finale date). Now the top-6 contestants have been entered in the finale. Now it will be seen who will reach the top-3 and who will be the winner.

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