Moon Lovers phrases that portray the love between the protagonists

There are many reasons to love Moon Lovers, from its characters, its OST and of course the charm of the story, but also the dialogues of the protagonists that became unforgettable phrases and full of nostalgia.

if you already saw Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, then you know that the historical drama had a sad outcome that left many of the fans who followed its episodes heartbroken. The main couple could not stay together and tragically parted ways.

The story begins when a girl named Go Ha Jin who lives in the present, travels to the past and appears in the middle of a palace, she takes the name of hae soo and little by little she becomes the woman she loves Wang Sothe Fourth Prince who for many is fearsome.

The love that the protagonists shared was indelible, that’s why even with a sad ending, the story has phrases very romantic that show us how much these drama characters loved each other.

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Best phrases from IU and Lee Joon Gi in Moon Lovers, do you remember their dialogues?

The separation of the protagonists of Moon Lovers was almost inevitable, but a phrase that was recorded from that moment is the following:

If I hadn’t met him, I wouldn’t long for him. If she hadn’t met him, she wouldn’t think about him so much.

IU as Hae Soo in Moon Lovers. | Source: Twitter @r0ckyshine

When Hae So realized that, despite everything she had lived through with Wang So, he could still be fearsome and dangerous, her reactions began to give her away, something that the protagonist noticed.

Don’t push me away, don’t tell me to go away. Do not tell me that I bring misfortune and that I am an animal. At least you can’t do that to me, because you’re my person.

Moon Lovers Poster: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. | Source: Twitter @LisyNoboa

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The next sentence is very special, but especially when we already know how the drama ended, it reminds us of how things ended and how tragic Hae Soo’s farewell was.

What does it matter if I don’t have a long life? The most important thing is who I will spend my last days with

IU as Hae Soo in Moon Lovers. | Source: Twitter @r0ckyshine

Finally, the phrase with which the drama closes and which also sparked great expectations about a possible continuation.

If we’re not from the same world, I’ll find you

IU and Lee Joon Gi in Moon Lovers. | Source: Twitter @bannanitaf

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