‘Moon Knight’: POWERFUL New Teaser Announces First Trailer’s Release Date; Check out!

The first official trailer for the upcoming series of MCU, ‘Moon Knight’, won a premiere date and will be released worldwide this Monday, January 17. The information was revealed by the platform Hulu.

The announcement was accompanied by a powerful new official teaser, which brings a darker and very dramatic look.

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Check out:

In a recent interview with Good Morning Arizona (via ComicBook.com), or astro oscar isaac, who plays the titular character, said it was the riskiest job of his career.

“I’m having an explosion of feelings, I think it’s the riskiest job I’ve ever participated in. At first I was really nervous because I’ve never done anything like this.”, he said.

Enjoy watching:

Isaac did not reveal the reasons behind such risks, but everything indicates that it is due to the fact of having to play several characters within one.

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For those who don’t know, the protagonist Marc Spector is a mercenary with multiple personality disorder – taxi driver Jake Lockley and millionaire Steven Grant – who help him face the criminal underworld. Soon, he becomes a conduit for Khonshu, an Egyptian moon god.

Created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, Moon Knight was introduced in Werewolf by Night #32, published in 1972.

Remembering that the cast also has Ethan Hawke (‘The Entity’) and May Calamawy (‘Frames’).

Aaron Moorhead e Justin Benson (‘Synchronic’) will direct the series, from scripts written by Jeremy Slate (‘Umbrella Academy’).

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