Montpellier: the shoe of a 2-year-old child "swallowed" in the escalator, huge fear at the station

Big fright at the Sud de France station, this Thursday, January 6, for the little boy and his mother, back from vacation.

We often tend to forget it, but escalators (or escalators) are equipment that can be dangerous. Mallaury, this Hérault mother of two children aged 10 and 2 and a half, is perfectly aware of this. This is the reason why, on Thursday January 6, around 1 p.m., back from vacation, when she took the escalator to exit the Sud de France station in the direction of the parking lot, she had taken all her precautions.

“My grandmother always told me it was dangerous, confides the mother of the family. I had my 2.5 year old son in front of me on the same step. There were two steps left before the end of the stairs. I wore it to facilitate the exit and there he screamed “, she confides.

“If my son had had a canvas shoe, he wouldn’t have toes anymore.”

“I realized he was stuck by his hooked shoe I don’t know how in the grid. It happened in three seconds. I pulled with all my might and his foot came out of the shoe, she rolled before being swallowed on 1.6 cm (on 7.4 cm of width, editor’s note) in the machine. The sock was totally swallowed up. A traveler, witness to the scene, had the reflex to press the emergency stop button.

Big shock for the little boy who burst into tears like his big brother who attended the whole scene. Mallaury is almost falling out of favor. It was only later that she realized: “If my son had had canvas or ankle-length shoes, he probably wouldn’t have toes anymore… ” The child comes away with a scratch.

If my son had a canvas shoe he wouldn’t have toes anymore

Once the station had been emptied of its travelers, Mallaury was left alone, trying to comfort her children and call her relatives who were waiting for her. Before another traveler offers to go and tell the security of the incident. “Two security people came, they released the shoe, and told me that my son must have played with the escalator. ‘he doesn’t get hurt! “

By handing him the basketball nibbled by the machine, “They told me to keep it as a trophy because that never happens! But I didn’t have an apology from them. They asked me if I wanted to report the incident, I accepted but they didn’t even ask me my name! “.

Since then, her little boy has remained silent and “He refuses to have his foot touched. He couldn’t sleep the next night. His brother keeps crying. I’m going to take them to a doctor.” “It’s a newer station, there is no camera surveillance. It is not normal to sit for twenty minutes waiting for someone from security to come. What would have happened if my son had been seriously injured? Especially since escalators are dangerous, lots of people told me on Facebook that they had a scarf, a skirt, stiletto heels stuck! “

No anomalies detected

On the side of Gare et Connections, the company managing stations in Occitanie, it is indicated that the fire safety officer who intervened proposed “that care can be provided but it has been refused”.

The incident had been reported “as an important fact on a handrail, but without being the subject of a pro-active ascent insofar as the agent did not observe any injury on the traveler or anomaly on the staircase”.

The company assures after a first inspection which did not reveal anything abnormal that Gare et Connections will establish ties with the manufacturer to “try to understand how it could have happened”.

This Friday, January 7, the mother received an apology from the manager of the Sud de France station.

In another escalator …

Another escalator had been talked about in 2017, in Montpellier. One of those at the Polygone shopping center on the evening of September 18th.

A little boy of just over 2 years old, there too, had run towards the staircase in question out of the old Flunch cafeteria and, falling on the combs at the bottom of the machine, had been struck several fingers.

Taken care of urgently, the little fingers could be recovered and reimplanted. Since this extremely rare accident on this equipment which dated from 1994 and had just been inspected, the Polygone’s machines have all been replaced.

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