Montpellier: Julien Colet and Patricia Miralles on the ground for their last moments of the electoral campaign

A few days before the results of the second round, the two qualified candidates continue their actions in the 1st constituency.

Door to door for one, associations for the other. Julien Colet, who came first in the first round last Sunday, chose, as his last campaign actions, to seek out the inhabitants of the Saint-Martin district, this Tuesday, June 14, “where the abstention is still strong, but which is favorable to us in the votes”says the candidate.

A one-hour tour on Tuesday evening, during which the candidate and the dozen activists tried to encourage Montpellier residents to go to the polls next Sunday for the final vote. “We are not trying to convince voters to vote for us, we just want them to make their voices heard”says Julien Colet.

Julien Colet, candidate of the Nupes, spoke with the inhabitants of the Saint-Martin district.
Midi Libre – Chloé Boudon

The door to door, an exercise that the candidate knows well. “We did it upstream during the presidential elections, then before the first round. I like that, people are cash. It’s 80% listening, 20% speaking.” Closed doors for some, big smiles for others. A situation that sometimes leads to real debates directly on the landing. “You only come during the elections, I have the impression that you are selling me something”, “I’m on the left, but I don’t understand your program” or “My son is fully behind Nupes, we will vote for you again on Sunday.”

For Sébastien, an activist, “It’s the best way to campaign”as the second round is fast approaching. “We are in a good position but nothing is decided, so we have to be clear in what we are offering, such as purchasing power for example, and be able to explain it one last time”concludes Julien Colet.

Addressing “the real issues”

For her part, the outgoing MP LREM preferred to devote the remaining time to visiting the Montpellier associations of veterans, this Wednesday, June 15. An appointment, which was particularly close to his heart. “I have personally been very involved as vice-chairman of the National Defense and Armed Forces Committee. And I think talking to the people directly involved is the best way to realize what ‘there remains to be done in the field of defence, but also good and less good ideas that we can have.

If she continued her towing and meetings with the inhabitants of her constituency, Patricia Miralles wanted to end her campaign “by addressing real issues and values ​​that are close to my heart”. For more than an hour, the MP spoke with the two officers present.

The opportunity for her to defend her vision of “Europe of peace” and secularism. “Initially, we didn’t agree on anything.jokes Jean-Pierre Brisse, a retired officer. Then I saw that she was open to dialogue and that’s something I appreciate about her.”

As for her feelings about the next round of the elections, Patricia Miralles sees things “serenely, I want to be the bridge that will bring people together, not the one that pits them against each other.”

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