Montpellier: housing, schools, tram, cultural center … construction sites in spades all over the city

Whether in the heart of concerted development zones, in schools, around mobility, in the field of culture or in sport, the year 2022 will be marked by the completion of projects.

Urban planning, a major axis of development for Montpellier, which sees its Zac (concerted development zone) accommodate many housing programs. In these different sets, 2022 will be the year of projects, completed or started.


Several projects delivered to Saint-Roch

It is one of the emblems of the Zac Saint-Roch, near the station: the 57-storey Higher Roch tower (from the Brenac and Gonzalez cabinet), will be delivered in mid-2022. At the same time, the So Roch building (signed by the MDR Agency) will welcome its first occupants. The two projects total 108 housing units, 26 of which are affordable.

In addition, there is the Roch Office building (Brenac and Gonzalez), 3,300 m2 of offices, opposite the station. In particular, it will house the premises of Aésio (Languedoc Mutualité). The promoters are Vinci, Pragma and Arcade.

Also on Zac Saint-Roch, offices will be set up along the SNCF tracks, in order to strengthen the station’s business center. Finally, between the railway tracks and avenue de Maurin, the René-Dumont park will be finalized, with the delivery of the northern fringe, along the Eleven and Carré Vendôme residences, which will include inclusive children’s games.

This year, a building of 58 social housing units built by ACM will also be delivered to this location.

The college of Port-Marianne at the start of the school year

The Port-Marianne district continues to expand in 2022, with an important deadline for the start of the September school year: the opening of the college, between avenue de Mer Raymond-Dugrand and Odysseum. 350 students are expected there.

In addition, this year the sector will see the start of housing construction sites along the avenue du Mondial (Mas de Combelle). In sight, 200 housing units, 65 of which are social and 40 affordable.

Not far from there, the Zac République rises from the ground, near Place Picasso, with offices and around 400 housing units.E

schools and accommodation in La Restanque

This industrial and artisanal zone, in the Prés d’Arènes district, is continuing its transformation in 2022. In September, opening of the Lucie-Aubrac / Samuel-Paty school group and delivery of upgraded roads, in order to secure soft routes to two schools.

In addition, several housing construction projects will be launched, such as the one carried by Cogedim and Lidl on the former Peugeot site: 140 housing units and 2,000 m2 of shops. In total, 580 apartments are expected in this sector.

Beausoleil: social rental and offices

In the Cévennes district, the Zac Beausoleil will see the birth, in the spring, of the construction site of a building of 40 social rental housing, La Mélitée, built by ACM Habitat, for delivery scheduled for fall 2023.

At the same time, a set of offices of 7,800 m2 is emerging from the ground, intended to be occupied by the regional headquarters of CDC Habitat. Here too, the building will be operational in 2023.

Finally, the development of the green corridor, in the heart of the Beausoleil district, is continuing. This green space will provide a place for walking capable of collecting rainwater in the event of heavy rainfall.

The Hall of innovation delivered

Near the Sud de France station, Zac Cambacérès will deliver, in the third quarter of 2022, one of its flagship facilities: the Hall of innovation. 8,000 m2 which will house, among other things, the Economic Development Agency and the Bic (Business & Innovation Center).

Begun in 2021, the first real estate projects on the front of the A9 will appear during the year: five predominantly tertiary operations for a total of 50,000 m2, delivered between the end of 2022 and 2025.

The public inquiry for the extension of tram line 1 from Odysseum will be carried out in March-April, for entry into service in 2024-2025.

Culture and habitat at the Creative City

On the site of the former Infantry Application School (EAI), not far from Montcalm Park, the Zac Cité Créative is taking shape in 2022, with the start of several projects led by the group of developers Nexity, Kalelithos and Agir promotion.

On the one hand, it will be the construction of the Cocoon, a cultural venue comprising a 400-seat performance and projection room, dance and sound studios, offices, and a rooftop restaurant.

In addition, the Jeanne-Moreau school group will enter the second phase of its work to eventually offer ten new classes.

Zac Créative will also see the launch of a participatory housing program led by the Lepic & Coll & Calm collective: 20 housing units on rental-purchase social loans. The earth from the site will be reused for the manufacture of mud bricks.

Launch of works, also, for the reception of companies of the creative and cultural industries (ICC), in the old museum, and its annex, in the old renovated buildings. Projects led by the Serm / SA3M group.

Place de la Comédie will accommodate 8 elms.
Place de la Comédie will accommodate 8 elms.


Next April-May, work will begin to create, on the Place de la Comédie, tree pits where 8 elms will be planted, as part of the Comédie-Esplanade project. While the work is in progress, a living base for those working on the site will be set up at Place Molière, behind the Opéra Comédie.

The trees will be planted in January 2023, at the same time as work on the Esplanade will begin. Objectives displayed by the City, through this program: “Responding to the climate challenge, re-embellishing public spaces, reviving the Comedy, applying for Unesco World Heritage”.

Full ahead for line 5!

Line 5 is scheduled to come into service in 2025.
Line 5 is scheduled to come into service in 2025.


The tram network will continue to weave its web in 2022. Work on line 5 is progressing, with entry into service scheduled for 2025.

In the Rondelet-Clemenceau sector, the launch of the site will require the closure of Avenue Clemenceau from June 27. In the western sector, studies and field surveys are continuing pending the receipt of the declaration of public utility which will allow part of the route to be modified.

Infrastructure and equipment work will begin in 2023. In the North, the project aims to modernize the drinking water supply networks and build several engineering structures, as well as re-naturing the Lavalette waterway. .  Infrastructure works (platforms and public space) are scheduled from this year.

North of Montpellier, the Lavalette area is at the heart of a reflection around a global redevelopment.
North of Montpellier, the Lavalette area is at the heart of a reflection around a global redevelopment.


These projects that are gaining ground …

Development of the Zac Pagézy (former town hall), enhancement of natural spaces in the Bouisses district: longer-term deadlines, but the files are progressing.

Their delivery is not scheduled for now, but these projects will become clearer over the coming year. On the one hand, the development of the Zac Pagézy, on the site of the old town hall, next to the Polygone.

Pagézy-Antigone: urban studies

A framework agreement has been signed for the development of the Pagézy-Antigone sector. Several teams were selected. In the first quarter of 2022, the project winner will be named. Between 2022 and 2023, urban studies and consultation and the creation of the Zac will follow. Objectives: strengthen the legibility of the historic axis towards Lez, create continuity between the station and the Corum, open up the Duguesclin district.

Bouisses-Grèzes: the winner chosen before the summer Another reflection in progress, that concerning the enhancement of natural spaces, agricultural and “urban seams” of the district of Bouisses and Grèzes, in the sector of La Martelle. A competitive dialogue procedure has been launched with a view to a landscaping and town planning mission and the development of an overall project. Three candidates are heard on the evolution of their thinking, fed by a citizen contribution developed during several workshops

. The winner will be chosen before summer 2022.

Large restructured parks

2022 will be marked by the launch of a study on the large Lunaret park which would cover more than 150 hectares served by line 5 of the tram. The study that will be initiated will integrate the restructuring of the zoological park, the creation of an educational farm, a wildlife hospital and the improvement of pedestrian links, in particular in the Montmaur wood and on the site of the Lavalette nautical base. / agriparc-des bouisses Health: Med Vallée is progressing

To create in Montpellier a pole of world level in terms of “global health” by relying on the excellence of local research: this is the ambition of the Med Vallée project. A fundraising committee now brings together the signatories of the Founders’ Pact. It will have to validate the roadmap and action plans, as well as the candidate projects for the Med Vallée label.

Source: City of Montpellier.

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