Montpellier: CM2 celebrating on the Esplanade shared between joy and concern about returning to college

The 15th edition of the Fête des écoles, organized by the Education and Sport centers of the City of Montpellier, returned to the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle on Thursday 23 June. On the program, sports activities, flash mobs…

He made them all hysterical! Or more reasonably, overjoyed. Michaël Delafosse, it was almost as fun as Kilian Mbappé crossing the Esplanade, “We’re super happy to see him!”, exclaims a little pupil of CM2. When the mayor cuts through the delirious mini-crowd to reach the stage, hundreds of hands are stretched out, smiles are exchanged, and cries. Especially screams! And what cries. Those of 1,300 students, or 60 classes and 33 schools. You had to have a good ear.

A welcome worthy of a rock star for Michaël Delafosse.

“I’m looking for the next generation!”, the mayor threw at them. “Get involved, participate in the life of the college, of society, read, it is on you that democracy rests”. The speech, not always well understood, is joyfully applauded, a hesitant Marseillaise is intoned, “the lyrics, that’s not it yet”, smiled a host.

Intended for pupils, teachers and leaders, the School Festival is this ritual which for 15 years has marked the definitive break between primary and secondary education, to help new pupils to pass the course of 6th grade. The big leap, indeed for Maylis, a little girl but not yet a young girl. The “tween” as she defines herself feels perfectly up to the height of her height of twenty feet! “I’m super happy and sad at the same time to leave my mistress!”. The novelty is accompanied by a lot of apprehensions that are a little heavy to bear.

To remind you that barely 1,000 short days separate us from the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the day was made up of sports and fun workshops to encourage the practice of physical activity: football, rugby, handball, volleyball, hockey on grass, basketball, athletics, judo…

A “big jump” to 6th

Hélène, a teacher at the Paul Langevin school, carried out 4 activities between 9 a.m. and noon: “volleyball, basketball, football and rehearsal for the flashmob”before returning to his school to make room for others.

“It’s a big leap for them, some are impatient, others, often more fragile, fear changing structures, having several teachers to manage”, explains the teacher, a little mum sometimes. “For us too, it’s moving to see our CM2 leave. The 2022 vintage, for me, was not so bad after the two years of the pandemic. But the suffering was felt everywhere.”

Maël, Basile, Mylan and others have lunch on the grass. Maël is happy, while expressing concern. A change of school, classmates, organization? “No, to deal with really mean people”. And to regain a status of “little” after being one of the oldest in his primary.

“I’m afraid of being attacked”

Mylan does not hide his joy at having “ten different teachers, if there’s one you don’t like, you move on to another”. He is looking forward to taking courses in “physics-chemistry, techno and SVT” but “stress” squarely on the idea “to be assaulted by 3rd graders or extorted”. At just 10 years old, they have already absorbed all the insecurities of adults.

The upcoming holidays may erase these fears that they have heard more than experienced. At the end of the day, everyone received a copy of the Mysteries of Montpellier, a book written by CM1-CM2 students in Montpellier this year and a book on Molière’s 400th birthday.

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