Montpellier challenges Paris on Saturday: Kylian Mbappé also panics charity and marketing statistics

The prolific striker from Paris-Saint-Germain is also very invested in social issues, helping children. Kylian Mbappé will be at La Mosson this Saturday April 14 as part of the 37th day of Ligue 1.

If the spans of the Mosson stadium in Montpellier are full this Saturday, May 14, it is largely due to the arrival of the stratospheric Kylian Mbappé, 23 years old. His notoriety has exploded across borders and today he is the most expensive player in the world: the website Transfertmark estimates him at €160 million. Nobody does it better. He is also one of the most famous Frenchmen across the globe.

“He is known in the United States as well as in Japan or in Istanbul where I was last week. In the office there are whole boxes of letters, he receives them from all over the world, to say good things about him or make requests to him, there are thousands… They are all processed, but it takes time”, confides one of the kingpins of “Inspired by KM”, the association set up two years ago by the parents of the genius of Bondy and of which Kilian Mbappé is the president. The goal: to help 98 young people aged 12 to 17. “His mother, who has always worked in the social sector, worked for this foundation to exist”

Kylian Mbappe in numbers.
Kylian Mbappe in numbers.

Midi Libre – Antoine Llop“The idea is social diversity. Two-thirds of young people come from underprivileged backgrounds. Kylian is a person who has always believed in his dreams and he has given himself the means to do so. Without work, he does not wouldn’t have happened”

. Through activities related to sport or culture, these 98 lucky ones have a school and educational follow-up, boosted by the punctual presence of crack which will for example take a dozen of them to the United States in June for the tour of the PSG.

The attacker takes care of his image

Kylian Mbappé refines this image of a personality invested in charitable commitment. Thursday evening, he participated in an auction for the benefit of the association of his teammate Idrissa Gueye which fights against cancer and HIV in Africa. He donated a jersey, sold alongside Maître Gims glasses.

During the pandemic, he made a “huge” check to the Abbé Pierre foundation. He certainly follows the model of many sportsmen, but philanthropy, the striker has pegged him to the body, deciding to donate all his match bonuses from the France team from his debut. The “Premiers de Cordée” association benefited in 2018 from €350,000 following the victory in the World Cup… A gift from heaven for these volunteers who help sick children and who were able, thanks to the interpersonal skills of Christian Jeanpierre, convince Mbappé to become their godfather when he was only 19 years old.

“A very intelligent big child” “He gives of his time, does not seek to publicize, he comes, takes off his star hat and plays with them as with his brothers. He is a very intelligent big child” enthuses Sébastien Ruffin, the director of the association. The latter reports how a young person in care started running with the star again in front of incredulous medical staff or that other patients were convinced that it was not “real” when he landed for their escape day … And if the footballer posts an image on social networks, the impact is immediate: “It is a medium itself”

summarizes Sébastien Ruffin. On Instagram alone, 70.3 million people follow him… So, this status also gives him freedoms. That of engaging in a standoff with the Football Federation refusing to sell its image to certain sponsors. Arrogance? “He can’t advertise burgers or cola when he’s fighting for good food, he’s consistent,”

evacuates the relative of the player from “Inspired by KM”.

“There is no business model behind”

How to also interpret the speculations on his transfer or not to Spain? He thus exhibited himself in Madrid where Real made eyes at him, where some media claim: he extended his contract in Paris against the biggest salary ever paid to a player, 50 M € per year. “He is free in his communication, there is no business model behind it” analyzes Lionel Maltese, lecturer and specialist in sports marketing. For the latter, “Kyky” has a boulevard in front of him:

“He’s young, we’ve seen that with Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, but he has even more media coverage, that makes him even more bankable. In addition, he has his outspokenness, he’s the most attractive and he doesn’t There is no equivalent. Mbappé is an American story, there was Tony Parker, there is Teddy Riner and in France today the mega star is Kylian.

In reference to his year of birth and the first World Cup won by France

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