Montepulciano, the battle of the citizens in the cradle of wine: “Dust and noise from the rubber company. But Arpat and the Region do not respond “

A exposed in the Prosecutor’s Officean ‘parliamentary question, years of battles for greater transparency. TO Montepulcianoin the province of Sienain the green heart of the Tuscanyamong the campaigns that have given worldwide fame to the products of this region (starting with wine), a tug-of-war is consumed between a committee of citizens and a company that right there, in the country homeland of Noble wineworks by recovering old tires and tires, la Microgomma Energia. The plant is located near homes and land and hence the fear of the group of residents about the possible environmental consequences, on which investigations have been requested several times but at the moment they have not given a certain answer. The main problems reported by the committee Montepulciano Terra Nostra ranging from noise pollution to bad odors up to different principles of fire and the dispersion of a “black powder”Which is laid – this is the association’s version – even on neighboring agricultural land. The committee, after waiting for answers from the authorities, presented a cognitive complaint to the Siena prosecutor’s office: “We are awaiting the result of the report,” they say. Meanwhile, the senator Luca Briziarelli (Lega) presented a parliamentary question.

“We don’t have a personal battle – he explains Carlo Paolini, farmer and councilor of Montepulciano Terra Nostra – but let’s fight for the defense of our territory, we are in the heart of the red of Montepulciano, it is an area aimed at agriculture and we are afraid of pollution. There is strong doubt that there is a pollution problem in the surrounding land ”. And then the noise, reported by several families, tells, even outside the permitted hours: it is one of the main points to which the families who live nearby appeal to. In a 2020 Arpat report, the noise from Microgomma was higher than the limits allowed by the legislation (8.1 decibels against 5). The regional company for the environment sent the company a series of prescriptions which, according to Legambiente, among other things concerned the unloading of the system, the wetting systems and the adaptation of some sampling points to emissions in the atmosphere. The Region had warned the company not to exceed the deadlines set by Arpat, but the outcome – citizens and Legambiente complain – is unknown to public opinion. “They tell us that everything is in order, but without producing the documentation that certifies that everything is actually in order, it is an incredible situation and we citizens no longer know what to do”, he says. Pier Paolo Fabretti, another inhabitant of Montepulciano. “There are piles of high tires like buildings left completely in the open air, with the risk of fire, dispersion of tires and moreover the same property has another plant in our municipality that worries people “. The reference is to the case ofbiogas plant to Fornacelle promoted by the agricultural society Polizianaat the center of the controversy for a few months: the structure, close to the Montepulciano lake which is a nature reserve, should be strengthened and this is also one of the concerns of Legambiente and citizens.

The owner answers Microgomma Omar Pellegrini which tries to reassure inhabitants and environmentalists: “Our activity by its nature cannot involve anything that has been repeatedly denounced as our treatment processes are exclusively mechanical and there is no no form of combustion therefore consequently there is no smoke emission “. “The same thing – he continues – is for the discharges in the stream which obviously are duly authorized but they are only first rain discharges from the squares and the water from the roofs, so it is not industrial process water our plants do not work with water: this alone demonstrates the full bad faith of what is exposed “. All the documentation proving these words, he concludes, is in the hands of Arpat. However be it Arpat is Region Tuscanyto the requests of, they never replied. The mayor of Montepulciano Michele Angiolini he affirms that he has always considered the reports of citizens: “Investigations within our competence have already been carried out, others are in progress; we also understand that some investigations by third parties have already been carried out or are in progress to ascertain any illegal and consequent responsibilities “. Also in this case, however, at the request of no response was received to view the outcome of these investigations.

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