“Monte Cristo”, the new series by William Levy after “Coffee with the aroma of a woman”

After keeping the audience in what seemed like an endless wait, William Levy revealed the production he has been working on in recent months. After finishing the recordings of “woman-fragranced coffee”, little was known about his future projects, until this January 13 he spoke about “Montecristo”, his next novel.

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As you remember, the Cuban actor and model gave life to Sebastian Vallejo in the Colombian production where he shared credits with Carmen Villalobos, Diego Cadavid and Mabel Moreno. Despite the fact that the novel’s rating seemed not to be the best during its broadcast on the small screen, things changed when it was published on the streaming giant, where it is currently one of the most tuned in Latin America.

William Levy and Laura Londoño are the protagonists of “Café, con aroma de mujer” (Photo: Café, con aroma de mujer / Instagram)


The new television adventure of the Cuban, “Montecristo”, is based on the classic French novelist Alexander dumas, which has been adapted to the present. Levy will be the protagonist of this story, which promises to keep the public trapped from the beginning to the end.

“Glad to finally be able to share our next project with you. Called “MONTECRISTO”. I can tell you that it gives me great joy to be able to play the character of Edmundo Dantes (Alejandro Montecristo), since he is one of my favorite characters, a story that I have loved since I was little. We have been in conversation since I was recording “Café con Aroma de Mujer” in Colombia”, he wrote in his account Instagram.


The actor will give life to Edmundo Dantes, a wealthy man who attracts glances with his imposing presence. He owns a well-positioned company, which arouses envy and jealousy from other figures such as Fernando Alvarez Mondego, a subject belonging to the Spanish aristocracy with whom he will have more than one problem.


The novel is set in three cities, Miami, Cuba and Madrid, being this last place where the recordings will begin in the coming weeks. “Today, thank God, I can tell you that soon I will be in Spain recording Montecristo for you. I love you!” wrote the actor.

Under the direction of Alberto Ruiz-Rojo, “Montecristo” will consist of 6 episodes produced by Sequoia Studios and Pantaya, as well as by the company of the actor, “William Levy Entertainment”. The novel is currently in the pre-production stage.


The Cuban actor William Levy He was very happy that his work is leading the preferences of people in many countries, so he decided to make a message that will last forever.

Instead of posting a simple story, he posted a video on his Instagram account, in which he expresses his joy and gratitude to all those who enter Netflix daily to see Café con aroma de mujer.

“I can only tell you: millions of thanks for all the love. Thank you for making Café con Aroma de Mujer the most watched Netflix show in all of Latin America and Spain. Thank you from the whole team, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” he wrote on his profile.

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