MONSTA X reports that a member of their staff passed away during the tour

MONSTA X’s agency shared a statement after a staff member accompanying the group on their US tour lost his life, what did the company say?

It had been a long time since the concerts around the world were put on hiatus in person, but now that they are back, many K-Pop groups have packed their bags to visit other countries, with the United States being one of the favorites.

The guys from MONSTA X had a comeback recently, but then they started their tour which was named No Limit US Tour. Since May 21, they have been visiting different cities cheering up fans and bringing their music back to the stage, but sadly not all was joy during their concert tour.

StarshipEntertainment informed fans of MONSTA X about a painful loss that took place while the group was away.

MONSTA X on their US tour. | Source: Twitter @OfficialMonstaX

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MONSTA X Security Member Lost His Life, Starship Releases Statement

The company of k pop released a statement on the group’s fan site, where they reported that unfortunately, a member of MONSTA X’s security team who was part of the tour staff passed away while they were in the United States.

We cannot hide our pain at the sudden and unfortunate loss of someone who has worked with all his heart and soul.

They added that they were closely monitoring all funeral procedures to make sure everything was done properly and there was no issue of negligence.

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MONSTA X Company Asks For Respect And Avoid Speculation For Loss

Within the message, fans were also asked for their understanding, requesting that they avoid creating rumors and speculation out of respect for the family. Instead they invited to send their condolences for the painful loss.

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