MONSTA X: No Limit shows off a winter concept in new photos

With less and less time left until the big premiere of MONSTA X’s ‘No Limit’, the idols have prepared a lot of new music for MONBEBE and this Korean comeback will bring the great power of the K-Pop group.

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MONSTA X have everything ready for your next comeback and with ‘No Limit’ will take all the scenarios as well as the senses of their fans who are looking forward to new music from this group of K-Pop; in its next release there will be many surprises and different concepts that we can enjoy.

‘Highway’, ‘Mercy’ and ‘Rush Hour’ are songs that we can find in the tenth mini album of MX, No Limit has the participation of Lee Jooheon as a writer, composer and producer of his songs; too Im Changkyun and Chae Hyungwon they put more in for their band’s next album by writing some tracks.

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This is why it is known that the whole essence of the boy band will be reflected in his new album, MONBEBE can’t wait any longer for all the music that MONSTA X will have for the world and not just with ‘No Limit’; well they will also premiere ‘The Dreaming’, his second production entirely in English.

It is only a matter of days before you can listen to ‘No Limit’ in full and the idols MX fans enchant their fans with their latest conceptual photos For this next comeback, what new setting do you have for your next album?

MONSTA X’s No Limit shows us a wintry vibe in their latest concept photos

The 4th concept of MONSTA X No Limit it looks like a frozen forest and desert where idols pose, in their last promotional photographs we can see them on a white background with different trunks that no longer have leaves; the members of the idol group they also changed their hair colors.

For while we had seen Jooheon and Yoo Kihyun with red and orange hair, respectively, this time, they went back to darker colors in their hair.


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Minhyuk in version 4 of No Limit | Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX


Kihyun in the 4th concept of No Limit | Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX


Hyungwon in the promotional photos of No Limit | Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX


Joohoney on version 4 of No Limit | Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX


Changkyun in the latest No Limit concept photos | Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX

How long until the premiere of MONSTA X’s No Limit?

MONSTA X’s No Limit Launching Only 5 Days, Next One Will Be Released November 19thOn November 18, MX will present a special album event through the UNIVERSE platform and the next day the album will be on all digital platforms.

But while we wait a little longer for him premiere of No Limit from MONSTA X, you can also read more details about ‘The Dreaming’, their second album entirely in English.

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