MONSTA X: Iconic Performances By The Group That Monbebe Won’t Forget

MONSTA X’s dominance on stage has revealed the brightest talents of idols when it comes to their performances, some have become iconic and MONBEBE will never forget them.

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The K-Pop Not only does it sweeten the ears of the fans, the shows that the boy bands and girl groups of this musical genre offer sometimes seem out of this world; with MONSTA X is no exception, the members of this group not only have excellent voices, but also have a great talent for dancing.

In addition, to have great creativity in their choreographies and present performances that have impacted locals and strangers, there are times when the artists of this idol group presented themselves with great energy and mastery over the stage.

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Events such as awards are provided for presentations with greater production and in which MONSTA X has been able to take much better advantage of the great platform they are on to show all their power even to fans of other bands.

Which are the most iconic performances of MX? Learn about their presentations that made a mark on the history of the group and that MONBEBE you will never forget thanks to how iconic they were.

5 iconic MONSTA X performances that no one will forget

1. Myself + Crazy in Love + Jelousy + Shoot Out + Dance break

This MONSTA X performance at the Golden Disc Awards It is amazing, not only did they settle for singing 4 songs, but the end is the most iconic because it is the choreography of MX on water that nobody can forget, the best dance break.

Definitely a iconic performance in MONSTA X history.

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2. Forever + Never Die

In 2019, MONSTA X performed at MAMA and their entry was the most iconic as Joohoney and I.M They came in vintage cars and they started rapping Forever and Never Die, truly an iconic performance with the talents of both rappers in the group.

Kihyun, Minhyuk, Hyungwon and Shown they danced break dance in a phenomenal way in this performance, all of this is what makes it so iconic.

3. Intro + Kang Baek-ho + DRAMARAMA

At the 2018 Seoul Music Awards, Jooheon made a great intro to sing the song later ‘Kang Baek-ho’ of his mixtape as a soloist with great energy, only to receive his other companions and end with the performance of DRAMARAMA, one of MONSTA X’s most iconic songs.

Also Shownu does a dance break with Jooheon, MONBEBE will never forget this great performance.

4. Alligator + Play It Cool + Follow

At the VLive Awards V Heartbeat, MONSTA X did an emotional performance, with fire and rockets, literally; Changkyun He did the intro and then his teammates came in for the real action to begin.

The songs could have a different energy, but the essence of MONSTA X is found in all of them and shows their great variation of styles and incredible variety.

5. Nobody Else + Love Killa + Middle of the Night

MONSTA X and dance in water is great and amazing and that is why their performances are so original and attract attention, for this presentation in 2021, they had different stages and a super performance that no one can forget.

Definitely, no one takes the stage like MONSTA X and their great power and energy is noticeable in each of their performances.

Speaking of performances, in many of these videos we saw MONSTA X’s lightstick in all its glory, do you know what it’s called?

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