MONSTA X: Hyungwon and all his talents that have conquered us

MONSTA X has very talented members and Hyungwon is one of them, what do we love most about this idol?

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Chae Hyungwon was born on January 15, 1994 in Gwangju, South Korea, from a very young age he was interested in being a singer, he moved to Seoul in order to fulfill his dream and auditioned about 90 times in various companies before being accepted in Starship Entertainment as a trainee.

Hyungwon he never lost faith and really fought with will to show that he had what it takes to debut and finally, after participating in ‘No.Mercy’ he earned his place in MONSTA X, where we have seen him giving his best as a singer and dancer in the group.

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Since 2015, MONBEBE He has been able to find a lot of Hyungwon with his different facets, skills and talents, as well as having a nice personality; every time this idol MX a fan is found in a restaurant He does not hesitate to pay the bill and show him all the love that is due.

There is much we can admire about Hyungwon and to celebrate this MONSTA X member’s birthday, we have here all the talents that we appreciate in this artist with multiple sides that always reveal all its brilliance and great features.

All the talents we admire about MONSTA X’s Hyungwon

Hyungwon has a very characteristic voice that always gives a special touch to each MONSTA X song, his soft but firm tones let us see the great singer that this idol has inside and that he shows both in the studio and on stage.

In MONSTA X, Hyungwon is the one who can easily learn a choreography, although he also tends to forget the steps sometimes… But every time he performs in front of MONBEBE he demonstrates his great way of dancing, making him a dancer unique.

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Hyungwon not only has he limited his work to singing and dancing, he has also written some songs for MONSTA X that stand out as Writer for the grouping, for ‘No Limit’ he wrote ‘Mercy’; but MONBEBE still can’t get over ‘Secrets’ which he wrote in English for ‘One Of A Kind’.

Hyungwon’s love for music also carries over to his solo work as DJ, the idol uses the artistic name of ‘DJ H.ONE’ when he is in front of the turntable mixing the best music to make his fans dance.

But apart from being very talented in music, Hyungwon also shines as actor, as he has participated in various dramas and recently had his first leading role in the drama ‘Fly Again’ where he was able to continue exploiting more of his acting talents.

Now you know more about the facets of Hyungwon from MONSTA X that we can admire, there is much that he can still show us, MONBEBE is very happy to celebrate another birthday next to this idol and continue to appreciate each and every one of his talents.

Do you want to know more about Hyungwon? Here we have some curious facts about the MONSTA X idol so you can learn more about him.

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