MONSTA X Debuts Full No Limit And Official Rush Hour MV

Finally! MONBEBE can listen to ‘No Limit’ completely enjoy the great official MV that MONSTA X prepared for their title song ‘Rush Hour’, have you already seen it and filled with adrenaline?

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MONSTA X He has launched ‘No Limit’ for everyone and we can finally listen completely, with songs like ‘Highway’, ‘Mercy’ and ‘I got Love’, with the participation of Joohoney as a writer and producer, as well as Hyungwon and Changkyun who also wrote for this album.

On November 18 at 11 PM South Korean time, MX Had his comeback show where he performed two of the songs from ‘No Limit’, generating great expectation for all the power and great energy with which they performed; the idols They also talked about the composition and recording process of this album.

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And although MONSTA X had already spoiled 2 of their songs, there was still a lot to see from ‘No Limit’, since it has 7 excellent tracks that have all the essence and personal stamp of the group of K-Pop, MONBEBE was waiting impatiently to finally enjoy the full album.

And not only that, because MX also prepared a MV amazing, inspired by the old west movies as well as the car racing one, so we already have the Official video for the title track of this new mini album idol group.

MONSTA X Debuts MV for No Limit’s Title Song Rush Hour

‘Rush Hour’ is the title track of MONSTA X’s ‘No Limit’, this one has a powerful new Official video in which we see all the talents of the idols through a stage that perfectly combines with the energy, concept and outfits of the members of the group.

This title song conveys a great adrenalin and power with which MONSTA X performs, we can see various changes in it, but MX jeans predominate through the MV, without a doubt they will take the stage with great force and they already have everything ready for their first presentations in musical programs of Korea.

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This is how MONSTA X surprises once again with their new comeback full of adrenaline, power and energy that idols have managed to transmit through their new songs.

What goals does MONBEBE have for MONSTA X’s Rush Hour MV?

MONBEBE has set goals to achieve for the official video of Rush Hour de MONSTA X, the fandom will not stop streaming until it reaches 15 million views in the first 24 hours from the premiere of the official MV.

MONBEBE Goals for MONSTA X’s Rush Hour MV | Twitter: @khxchxten

MONSTA X has managed to impact all their fans with this comeback, the idols returned more powerful than ever to the stage and are gradually taking all the senses of their fans.

While streaming ‘Rush Hour’ don’t forget to intersperse the video with the best MONSTA X songs throughout their history.

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