Monkeypox: What we know about the first two fatal cases in Europe

For the first time since the start of the epidemic, monkeypox killed people outside of Africa. The disease has caused two deaths in Spain this week, as reported the Spanish Ministry of Health this Saturday, July 30. (source 1)

Deaths occurred 24 hours apart. One of the victims was a 31-year-old man. According to the Andalusian regional health ministry, he suffered from a encephalitis potentially linked tomonkey pox. (source 2)

Encephalitis meansa inflammation of the brain. Very serious, she is often the complication of a first infection.

“The samples taken during the autopsy, which are being studied, will make it possible to determine whether the cause of death was meningoencephalitis or another pathology”the ministry said.

No details have yet been given about the second victim, except that he too would be a young man and that studies are underway to have more “epidemiological information”.

Spain, a country particularly affected by monkeypox

The country on the Iberian Peninsula is one of the countries most affected by monkeypox. In addition to the two deaths, the Spanish government recorded this Saturday, July 30 nearly 4,300 cases, including 120 hospitalizations. Spain is preceded by the United States (4,900 cases) and followed by the United Kingdom (2,367). France, meanwhile, says it has detected 1,837 cases so far.

A total of 8 deaths have been recorded worldwide since May. This figure could continue to climb, according to the World Health Organization. (source 3)

“Given the continued spread of monkeypox in Europe, we expect more deaths“, said Catherine Smallwood, head of emergencies at WHO Europe, in a statement.

“The reporting of monkeypox-related deaths does not change our assessment of the epidemic in Europe. We know that, although self-limiting in most cases, monkeypox can lead to serious complications,” she concluded.

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