Monkey pox: a woman infected for the first time in France

Public Health France updates the number of people infected with the monkeypox virus in France twice a week. The last count reports 277 confirmed cases, identified for the vast majority in Ile-de-France. The health authorities also specify that, for the first time in France, a woman has contracted monkeypox – the other previously confirmed cases all concerned men whose median age is 34 years. The circumstances in which this woman was infected have not been specified by Public Health France.

Monkeypox virus is actively circulating in the community homosexual but not exclusively, some people have traveled to countries where the virus is present, although this is not always the origin of the contamination. Any close contact with an infected person constitutes a risk of transmission of the virus, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Monkey pox continues to spread out of Africain countries where it is not endemic.

the podcast Listening to Health devoted an episode to monkey pox, seen from Africa

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