Monika Marešová victims of Leoš’s intrigues? First-hand testimony

It started innocently at the wedding of two boys, we all know that from Leoš’s hit, which he wrote and dedicated to his wife for her birthday. Of course, it was forgotten to add that the coincidence had to be helped. To meet Monika and Leoš Marešová Monika’s mother also remembered, cracking what her daughter herself might not have known before.

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“Wait, you flipped the signs to sit next to Monica,” Leoš’s mother-in-law revealed. “And you got up right away and said, you want, I’ll go give it to you,” she sent to Monica, who had come to the future husband for a meal at the buffet after confiding in her that she hated standing in line and therefore hadn’t eaten that day.

Monika reacted immediately with her own alert and digged into her husband, “I would like it to be mentioned that I did not strive for you.” “You wanted to take pictures… and I didn’t really want to, so I gave you a kiss so I wouldn’t see so much.” she revealed the magic of the unwanted.

Mares sent a loving message to Monica: I am very proud of you. Why?

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