Monica Cirinnà, the 24 thousand euros found in the villa of the Pd senator and her husband: the Grosseto prosecutor’s office asks for archiving

There prosecutor of Grosseto asked thearchiving for the story of 24 thousand euros – 48 bills of 500 euros – found in theAugust 2021 in dog bed of the farm “Capalbio Farm“, Tuscan residence of Monica Cirinnàsenator of Democratic partyand her husband Foreigner Montinomayor of Fiumicino. To report to the carabinieri the finding of the money in the family estate was one of the sons of the couple. The bills were wrapped in an envelope and hidden inside the unused kennel, next to a shed. Cirinnà and her husband are unrelated to the investigations – against unknown persons – launched by the prosecutor to understand where the money came from.

The fate of banknotes – Following the investigations conducted by the carabinieri, the public prosecutor, Giampaolo Malchionnaclosed the file by forwarding the archiving request of the procedure to judge for preliminary investigations of the court of Grossetoas reported by the Tyrrhenian. The findings of the Bank of Italy – requested during the investigations – found that the banknotes are not marked: in other words, who hid them he got them from the free market And they do not come from crimes. The investigating judge, at the next hearing June 6, will make a decision on the request and the ultimate destination of the money. In this sense, there are two choices: the confiscation of the 24 thousand euros o the delivery of the same to the company. If the judge opts for the second, the sum – according to what was declared by the senator herself – will be donated to the center against discrimination and violence against women of Grosseto.

The statements – “I have lived gods days of panic because of leak of news that he put in danger me and my family: any criminal could have approached us and threatened us to get our money back ”, explained Cirinnà. “I was alone with my family – she continues – when the money was found we immediately called the police to report the fact and ask for protection. But this did not happen: we have not even been given the report of the complaint while, within 48 hours, all the newspapers had it ”. As soon as the news of the discovery of the money became public, she says senatorthe attacks on social networks: “I’m a divisive personI know – he comments – I come often demonized or celebrated without half measures. This has polarized everyone’s judgments on the matter: I still wonder what those who have written phrases like ‘he did it on purpose are in their heads: first he hid them and then denounced them‘. What would be the logic? ”.


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