Money not withdrawn from ATM balance reduced in account now know what RBI rules say

RBI Rules: We all use ATM machine in common life. Sometimes there is a fault in this machine and the money does not come out, but the money is deducted from the account. In such a situation, many people get very upset and they do not understand what to do in such a situation. According to the rules of RBI, in such a situation, the bank automatically returns your money to your account. This may take up to three days. Sometimes bank holidays can take more than three days. However, in such a situation it is better that you call your bank and inform about the deducted money.

Automated teller machine or ATM machine is installed so that you can do your work without going to the bank. Due to this machine, both the customer and the bank get convenience. Therefore, if there is any fault in the machine, the responsibility of the bank is on the bank, because it is the bank that operates this machine.

What to do if money is deducted at ATM

If you withdraw money from an ATM and the machine does not withdraw money, but money is deducted from your account, then you can call your bank and complain about it. If you do not remember the number of your bank, then look around the ATM machine, you will see some helpline number. Call on this number and inform about the deducted money.

If money does not come in 5 days, you will get compensation

If the bank does not return the money to you within 5 days, then you also become entitled to compensation. The card issuing bank will have to pay a compensation of Rs 100 per day for the delay in re-deposit of the customer’s amount. The compensation is to be credited to the customer’s account without any claim being made by the customer. However, if the reversal and compensation is not given by the bank, the customer can approach his/her bank. The customer may approach the Banking Ombudsman within 30 days of receipt of the reply from the Bank or in case of non-receipt of reply from the Bank within 30 days.

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The Reserve Bank of India has given detailed information about the Office of the Banking Ombudsman. For more details you can click on Or an online complaint can also be made at

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