Money Heist Korea: Everything you need to know about the remake of "The casa de papel"

The Korean remake of the hit Spanish series “La casa de papel” has arrived in the Netflix catalog. Here’s what you need to know about “Money Heist: Korea”.

Money Heist: Koreaa plot point

Let’s start with the differences between Money Heist: Korea and The casa de papel. Obviously, the plot of the series revolves around a new culture,a different system. However, the Korea depicted by the program does not really reflect reality. In the near future, the North has finally yielded to the sirens of capitalism and reunited with the South. A drastic turn that considerably enriched the already wealthy classes.

The plot of the series is thus articulated around a hostage-taking in the mint of a “unified Korea”. The intruders offer a deal to the police: they demand four trillion won (a little less than 3 billion euros). The police will do everything to stop them while there is still time. They will pay particular attention at the heart of the operation, Professor. All in all, an almost similar pitch to the original!

Money Heist: Korea ©Netflix

If the story unfolds in an alternative Koreait is clear that the border between the North and the South is still at the center of the concerns of Money Heist: Korea. On the side of the forces of order, we learn that during a hostage-taking in such a place, the usual process is to send an intervention unit from each Korea. Thus, the policewoman who will talk – and more if affinities – with The Professor comes from the South. Conversely, the former special forces who is leading the offensive is North Korean. In addition, in the house of currency, the robbers will separate the hostages according to their origin. Each group, if they break the rules, will cause the other to risk serious consequences

Money Heist: Koreawith whom ?

Ryu Yong-jae (My Holo Love) signs the scenario of the twelve episodes of season 1 from the program. Kim Hong Sun (The Age of Blood) is responsible for carrying them out. Note that Alex Pina, the creator of the Spanish series on which Money Heist: Koreaofficiates as a producer on the remake. Comedian Yoo Ji-tae (Different Dreams) lends his features to the iconic “Professor”. Facing him, Yunjin Kim (House of the Disappeared) is the one that was first known as Lisbon. Fans of the phenomenon series Squid Game will recognize who was playing one of the most ambivalent characters of the show, Park Hae-Soo (Yaksha, A Demon On A Mission). He couldn’t play anyone other than Berlin!

As for fearless Tokyo, it’s Jeon Jong-seo (burning) that was chosen. Lee Won-jong (Possessed) is Moscow, and Kim Ji-hoon (The Rich Son) his son, Denver. Actress Jang Yoon-ju (Three Sisters) embodies Nairobi. Playing Rio is Lee Hyun-woo (The Scholar Walking At Night). Finally, Lee Kyu-ho (ground zero) and Kim Ji-hoon (The Good Detective) respectively camp Oslo and Helsinki.

You can find the first season of Money Heist: Korea in its entirety from June 24 on netflix.

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