money heist 5 jaipur it company holiday: money heist 5 jaipur IT company declares holiday on September 3 as Netflix and chill

Professor’s mind, Berlin’s memory, Tokyo’s insistence… These days there is talk of ‘Money Heist 5’ everywhere. The ‘Quick Aao’ anthem of this popular web series has already become a hit on social media. The craze of this Spanish web series is raising the head of the OTT audience in India as well. The fifth season of the series is going to stream from September 3 and taking a unique step in this episode, a Jaipur-based IT company has given a day off to all its employees. Yes, on September 3, this company has decided to close the office and has advised all its staff to enjoy the series and relax. The special thing is that now the interest of users about this company has increased a lot on the Internet.

Announcement of leave by sending email to employees
Jaipur-based IT company ‘Verve Logic’ has officially announced a day off on 3rd September by sending an email to its employees. It has been named ‘Netflix and Chill’. The screenshot of this email is becoming very viral on social media. Users from all over the country and the world are asking that how can they apply for jobs in this company.

What is written in the email
In this email sent by the CEO of IT company Abhishek Jain, it is written, ‘We did not do this just to avoid false emails coming for vacation, going on vacation with many people, switching off phone numbers. Is. We know that ‘sometimes chilling (relaxing) also proves to be a good medicine to increase the energy of your work.’

A task list with email
The email further reads, ‘So grab your popcorn and get ready to give one last salute to all of us dear Professor and the entire cast.’ Along with this, the company has also added a task list to the email. Interestingly, ‘Netflix India’ also retweeted a tweet related to it, writing, ‘Well, our excuse of ‘Bank ka kaam hai’ was ready, but it is awesome.

People asked- how to apply in this company
The news of this announcement has spread like fire on social media. Users on Twitter and Instagram are constantly reacting to this. One user has written while commenting, ‘How can I apply to get a job in this company, please tell someone.’ While another wrote, ‘Other companies should learn from this company.’

What happened at the end of ‘Money Heist 4’
The ‘Money Heist 5’ season is named ‘La Casa de Papel’ in Spanish. This is the final season of this series. That is, the last. Two highs were shown in the fourth season of the show. In this, thefts were done in ‘Royal Mint of Spain’ and ‘Bank and Spain’. At the end of the fourth season, while the death of the show’s character Nairobi left the fans sad, the whereabouts of the mastermind Professor of Heist was also revealed. Alicia, who is chasing the professor, is now preparing to arrest this mastermind. Whereas in the trailer of the 5th season, the professor’s gang mates are preparing for war. Military is stationed outside the bank in which he has hosted. Not only this, Alicia has caught the professor and kept him chained.

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