Mon Laferte’s “Your Lack of Wanting”: The True Story Behind the Song

In 2015, the Chilean singer Norma Monserrat Bustamante Laferte, better known as My Laferte, he gained international fame with “Your lack of wanting”, a moving song that captivated millions of listeners who felt identified with its powerful lyrics.

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The theme represents a hymn for everyone who has suffered for love, which added to the great interpretation of the artist results in a work of art. Those who have seen the video clip live, published on the YouTube de Laferte, you can notice the passion with which he interprets each word, breaking down in the final minutes.

The pain that Mon feels when singing the song arises from an infidelity that he experienced several years ago, when he lived in Mexico and he was just beginning to make a name for himself. Find out more about the heartwarming lyrics below.

Mon Laferte has more than two million followers on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram)


In a presentation made in early 2016, My Laferte He told those present how the popular song was born. The video that collects this moment was published by user Brian Amadeus on his channel Youtube, leaving as a record its shocking story.

“I have a super sad song … that they put the horn on me. Yes, it’s true, this is serious. They buggered me about a year ago. It gave me depression and I wanted to commit suicide “, Mon said, while the audience laughed nervously, without imagining that what the artist was saying was true.

“How they laugh, but if this is true. Why do they make fun of my misfortune? … Well, then, it’s called ‘Your Lack of Willing’ ”, Mon ends, and later intoned the lyrics.


Laferte spoke about the creative process of “Your lack of love” in an interview for the medium ““, Where she revealed that the letter was born by writing how she felt after being cheated on by her partner. The Chilean was going through a depressive moment, so she found refuge in music.

“At this ‘depress’ moment that I had, suddenly I had like a light and I told my friends ‘Now I’m going to make a super good song and that will help me remove all this sadness’ … I went to the room (apartment) and recorded the melody on the phone ”.


After singing “Your lack of love”, her friends encouraged her to upload the video they had recorded on her YouTube account and thus make her talent known to the world. In this way, it is encouraged to make it public, without imagining that it would touch so many wounded hearts.

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The man who inspired the singer was Cesar Ceja, the music producer, singer, songwriter and musician who passed away on January 3. The couple had a relationship for several years until Ceja cheated on her and they separated. Despite the distance, Mon always kept the best memories and proof of this is the message he dedicated to him after his departure:

“Dear Cesar, you were my best friend and partner for more than 6 years, you gave me a family in Mexico, you always took care of me when I was sick, you made me laugh a lot, I wrote you many songs and you wrote me many too. I love you sweetheart, rest in Peace ”.

César Ceja passed away at the age of 40 in his native Veracruz, Mexico (Photo: César Ceja / Instagram)
César Ceja passed away at the age of 40 in his native Veracruz, Mexico (Photo: César Ceja / Instagram)


Mon Laferte and César Ceja, in addition to being a couple, also worked together. The producer was part of the making of the album launched in 2015; Furthermore, he was one of the first to welcome the Chilean when she migrated to Mexico, a country where she achieved her popularity. Ceja worked with the artist until her last days.

Ceja also produced his albums Disposable (2011) Y Tornasol (2013). He co-wrote with Mon Laferte the songs “Tormento”, “Orgasmo para dos”, “Vuelve por favor” and “Igual que yo”.

On Mon’s fourth studio album called The braid (2017), César Ceja also has collaboration with two songs, “Cielito de abril” and “Alelí”. In addition, they worked together on the main theme of the Peruvian film “El Buen Pedro”.

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